The Progression of Creative Forces

1. Spirit is energy. Spirit rises out of nothing. Nothing, however, does not exist. Perhaps it once did, before there was anything. Only energy. No substance. No matter.

2. Matter rises out of Spirit. It is energy divided, polarized, North South, yin yang, positive negative, not just forward, round and around. Part and parcel of the same thing. Substance. The body.

3. Consciousness rises from the existence of differences. The awareness of differences, the need to differentiate. From the earliest, simple, gaseous, elements: helium, hydrogen, oxygen, transparent, without taste or odor, but present wherever matter has begun. This is the element of Air, and thought, and the mind.

4. Life rises out of awareness. To react to perceived differences, heat and cold, light and dark, up and down, to move from or towards. To be attracted or repelled. To want or to reject. To feel. This is the element of Water, of emotion. This is the Cardinal Energy of Life, the basic, primal, creative energy of Elemental Water.

This is the Universal round of Creativity, which is called the first triad, and is composed of the four elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water. It is the basic, primal triad and is universally applicable.

5. Individuality rises out of life. Every life is unique. No two the same, not even twins. Different thoughts. Different experiences. Different emotions. This is the Fixed Energy of the energy of Elemental Fire, of Spirit, the original energy, anchored in a form. This is the ego.

6. Ownership rises out of individuality. Every individual has their own time, needs to own their own space, must acquire sustenance and safety. This is the Mutable Energy, the transient, changeable energy of Elemental Earth, the territory, the home, the hunting ground, the fields, the food, the clothing, the treasure, the jewelry, the office, the money, the animals, the vehicles, the toys, the wives and husbands and children. This is the standing of the individual in the world.

7. Now, the individual becomes a part of the creative process itself. No longer alone, now there are others. Other family members, tribe members, club members, hierarchies, pecking orders, competition, control, conflict, war, allies, partners. Choice rises out of ownership. With whom do you belong? This is the Cardinal, most energetic and forward Energy of Air, of awareness and thought. Oppression, suppression, obedience. Respect or rebellion. This is the relationship of the individual to the other individuals in the world.

8. Desire, what is wanted and what is not wanted, rises out of relationships. It is an emotional process. This is the Fixed form of Water. There are five emotional centers and each has a negative and a positive side. The first, and most basic, is, in its negative form, fear. In its positive form it is security. The second, in its negative form is anger. In its positive form it is forgiveness. The third, in its negative form is worry. In its positive form it is confidence. The fourth, in its negative form is anxiety. In its positive form it is love. The fifth, in its negative form is grief. In its positive form it is happiness. These are the emotions, the attitudes and the intentions the individual may have in their life.

This is the end of the Personal round of Creativity, which is the second triad, also composed of the four elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water. This round applies to every individual. It is the individuals which live in the present who create the future, which is the third triad. The individuals create, in the second triad, through the choices they make and the actions they take.

9. This is the actions generated by the combined ego, standing, relationships and attitudes the individual chooses in the second triad. It indicates the direction in which the individual is moving. This is the Mutable form of Fire, subject to changes whenever desired.

10. This is the world created by the actions of the individual. It is the accomplishments. This is the Cardinal, most energetic and forward moving form of Earth.

11. This is the understanding which comes about by seeing the cause and effect relationship between actions and results. This is the Fixed form of Air.

12. This is the emotional response to the results of the individuals actions. It may be pleasant or unpleasant, it may cause celebration or horror or sickness, illusions, delusions, insanity. It may result in artistic endeavors. Fantasy. Escape. Denial. Dreams. Death. This is the Mutable, most changeable form of Water.

This is the end of the Resultant round of Creativity which is the third, and last, triad, composed, as always, of the four elements, Fire, Earth, Air and Water. This round applies to the results of the applications the individual makes of the elements in the second triad.

Now, we have returned to zero, to nothing, to the place before Spirit emerged. But, as time moves on Spirit will again rise out of nothing. It will carry traces of the past. Be it either a new generation or a new incarnation the lessons of the previous life of the Spirit will be reflected in the next life as wisdom or abilities, as attitudes and intentions, as desires or directions. These may be seen in the first triad which generates the next individual.

A Mermaid’s Tale

Sitting on a sand dollar,
Riding on a sea shell,
Build another sand castle,
Tell a mermaid’s tale.

Seaweed in her green hair.
Green fins and green claws.
Maybe lovely but,
Mermaids are all cold fish.
They are oblivious to everything except themselves and their own needs.
Narcissists all around. They love themselves and they love to sing.
They do not fall in love and mate. They reproduce through magic.
Perhaps they are immortal.
They spend the days and nights combing their hair, singing and looking at their reflections.

Lorelei was a young mermaid and she was restless.
She liked to wander and collect things bright and glittering and colorful.
So, it happened that when she swam into the Apsu,
She chanced to find the broken pieces of Time’s Vision Toy.
She was pleased by their appearance, picked them up and put them into her pocket.
On her way to visit Jing she stopped at the pool in Jing’s Jade Garden.
There the lizards made her welcome and she showed them her new treasures.
With only one look the lizards knew what was up.
They showed her how to use the stones to see the future.
But, some of the pieces were missing and some were broken and they did not always tell the whole story.
Still, what she saw was fascinating, especially when she saw the sinking of Atlantis.
She tried to tell everyone but, no one wanted to hear.

Now, she tried to warn Meru, the Mountain King, to listen to Pleione, the Sailing Star, but he stomped his scepter on the ground and ordered her to go.
She tried to warn Atum Khepre, the Sunrise Sunset Queen, not to follow Muluc, the Thunder, but Atum Khepre turned away.
She tried to tell Nagakanyaka, the Snake Woman, to let the Sun go and instead watch out for her children but, Nagakanyaka would not listen.
Only after Atlantis really did fall was Lorelei revered as the Seer of Atlantis but, by then she had lost interest in her new toys and in her wandering. Instead, she vowed she would henceforth travel only in dreams and, she spent her days and nights combing her hair, singing and looking at her reflection.
In the end, when Kaalapurusha, the Spirit of Time, was finally set free, Lorelei was so tired of the game that she took off all of the necklaces she had fashioned from the vision stones and abandoned them in the warm sands of what was left of the Realm of Mirage, only to be found a thousand generations later by archeologists and prospectors who had no idea what they were or how to read them.
Perhaps that is a pity but, after all, some of the pieces were missing and some were broken and they did not always tell the whole story.

The Scarabs Say

It’s all about direction. Which way do you want to go? Where does this road end up? Are you going to go without thinking? Are you going to just follow your emotions? Get carried away? Go for it! Get what you want, right now! Don’t wait. Don’t be late. Is it fear or desire? Is it maybe hate? Let’s not debate. Perhaps it’s greed? Will I get what I want? Will I get what I need? Now, just slow down. Take the time to turn around. Take time to think about it. Take time to think it through. It might it even be important that what you say is true. What is better, black or white? Is it wrong or is it right? Where will it end? Who is your friend? Coming, going, up or down, can you tell me where I am? I’m pretty sure that I’m a clown and you are in a jam. What a bore and what a chore. So, let’s not do this, any more. It is too hard. It takes too long. Is it right or is it wrong? Don’t want to stay. I’ll go away and maybe write a song. This is really just too hard. I think I am too lazy. Everyone I know is too confused or else they just went crazy. What a state it seems we’re in. Everybody wants to win! So, step right up, don’t be afraid. Will there be a price which must be paid? Well sure, if there’s a profit made. What is the thing that I should do? Stick with the old, the tried and true, or take a risk, try something new? Can I get away with it? Too big, too small, or will it fit? Is there a right? Is there a wrong? Should I go on my own or tag along? Do I turn to the left? Do I turn to the right? Do I run away or stand and fight? Ask a scarab. They always know. They know which way they ought to go. “Follow the sun,” is what they say. They say that the light is the only way.

There are 13 Scarab Necklaces


It is spring. The sun has crossed the ecliptic and the butterflies have returned. They are everywhere, flitting about in the sunlight with the forest’s shadows behind them. They are hypnotic. I cannot help but watch them even though, they say, it is bad luck to follow a butterfly and it is dangerous to chase one. You don’t know where they are going and you may end up in Fairyland with no way out or you may find yourself in a far off world, teetering on the edge of reality and on the brink of insanity.

Butterflies have long been a symbol of souls, either souls of the dead or souls of the unborn, souls free of a body, no longer encased in a living heart.

Three butterflies together are thought to be an omen of good luck. A white butterfly brings peace and good weather. A yellow butterfly brings happiness. A monarch butterfly brings a fair judgement. A pink butterfly brings the promise of love. A blue morpho butterfly brings tidyings of death.

For those in the know, these are the necklaces Onadanta, Kraken and Nab Okeani wore on the day Shen Kami arrived and butterflies were first seen in the world. Onadanta was looking for love, Kraken was looking for wisdom and Nab Okeani was looking to change the world. Each butterfly was looking for a home and a heart and Shen Kami was, of course, looking for Nab Okeani.

Nab Okeani’s Scarab



From the Sumerian Collection

This is the Scarab Nab Okeani, the Ocean, daughter of Kumudini, the Moon and Kinish Ahau, the Lord of the Day, wore. It is made from sculpted polymer clay over a lacquered sea shell set in polymer clay hung from a glass drop and strung on nylon thread with glass, plastic and painted wooden beads. The closure is of polymer clay.

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Nab is the Mayan word for great – Okeani is a Greek name for Ocean

The Frogs


Oiche, the Night, daughter of Nagakanyaka, the Snake Girl and Lacuna, the Void, lived with the Constellations and the Zodiac, sons of Kumudini, the Moon, and Behgonay Ghizig, the Galaxy, and she became the Mother of the Frogs. The Frogs contained the wisdom of the stars and the mysteries of the Night.

Hadron, a Sub-Atomic Particle, was a mathematician, an inventor, a magician, a juggler,  and an experimenter and he once had an idea. He wanted to invent addition and multiplication so he moved in on Ataxia, also known as Chaos, the Ruler of the Universe, and he gave her five children. Their first child was Shen Kami, the Spirit, and he was invisible. Their second child was Thoth, the Ibis Headed, and he too was invisible. Their third child was Jing, the Essence, and, as luck would have it, she was also invisible. Now, Ataxia was not pleased with Shen Kami because she never knew where he was nor what he was doing and, in fact, when he wandered away she did not even know about it. Thoth was evasive and was even quicker to leave home, with Ataxia none the wiser and Jing had her own life to consider and ran away as soon as she was able. 

Ataxia complained loudly to Hadron. So, Hadron forgot about invisibility and instead worked on manifestation and he was somewhat successful as their fourth child, Xue K’ik, the Blood, was not invisible but, she did not like to be seen and as soon as she was born she tricked through her mother’s fingers and disappeared underground. Ataxia did not like this any better than she did before and she became angry with Hadron. But, he cheered her up and persuaded her to try again and their fifth child was Kinish Ahau, the Lord of the Day, who was a Star but, in those days Stars did not yet have light and were only specks of spinning darkness and this so enraged Ataxia that she would have nothing more to do with Hadron nor with his experiment. 

Shen Kami went wherever he wanted and Thoth learned how to be everywhere at once but when Jing ran off she went to live by the lake in the Green Jade Garden with her jolly friends, the Frogs, and they taught her how to be young forever. How might that be, you may ask? Well, she became the generations and was youth reborn again and again. She married Tai, the Lord of Tides, son of Kumudini, the Moon, and Behgonay Ghizig, the Galaxy, and ruler of everything which goes in and out, everything which goes up and down or high and low and everything which goes from side to side. He made her the Mother of Yin and Yang who were two sides of the same thing, hot and cold, light and dark or dry and wet although sometimes Yin became Yang and sometimes Yang became Yin.

There are 5 Frog Necklaces * Oiche’s Mother of the Frogs * Jing’s Rebellion, the Necklace Jing wore when she ran off to live with the Frogs * Jing’s Starlight, the Necklace Jing wore when the Stars were Lit * Jing’s Jolly Frog Friend *  Jing’s Mother of Yin and Yang