A Mermaid’s Tale

Sitting on a sand dollar,
Riding on a sea shell,
Build another sand castle,
Tell a mermaid’s tale.

Seaweed in her green hair.
Green fins and green claws.
Maybe lovely but,
Mermaids are all cold fish.
They are oblivious to everything except themselves and their own needs.
Narcissists all around. They love themselves and they love to sing.
They do not fall in love and mate. They reproduce through magic.
Perhaps they are immortal.
They spend the days and nights combing their hair, singing and looking at their reflections.

Lorelei was a young mermaid and she was restless.
She liked to wander and collect things bright and glittering and colorful.
So, it happened that when she swam into the Apsu,
She chanced to find the broken pieces of Time’s Vision Toy.
She was pleased by their appearance, picked them up and put them into her pocket.
On her way to visit Jing she stopped at the pool in Jing’s Jade Garden.
There the lizards made her welcome and she showed them her new treasures.
With only one look the lizards knew what was up.
They showed her how to use the stones to see the future.
But, some of the pieces were missing and some were broken and they did not always tell the whole story.
Still, what she saw was fascinating, especially when she saw the sinking of Atlantis.
She tried to tell everyone but, no one wanted to hear.

Now, she tried to warn Meru, the Mountain King, to listen to Pleione, the Sailing Star, but he stomped his scepter on the ground and ordered her to go.
She tried to warn Atum Khepre, the Sunrise Sunset Queen, not to follow Muluc, the Thunder, but Atum Khepre turned away.
She tried to tell Nagakanyaka, the Snake Woman, to let the Sun go and instead watch out for her children but, Nagakanyaka would not listen.
Only after Atlantis really did fall was Lorelei revered as the Seer of Atlantis but, by then she had lost interest in her new toys and in her wandering. Instead, she vowed she would henceforth travel only in dreams and, she spent her days and nights combing her hair, singing and looking at her reflection.
In the end, when Kaalapurusha, the Spirit of Time, was finally set free, Lorelei was so tired of the game that she took off all of the necklaces she had fashioned from the vision stones and abandoned them in the warm sands of what was left of the Realm of Mirage, only to be found a thousand generations later by archeologists and prospectors who had no idea what they were or how to read them.
Perhaps that is a pity but, after all, some of the pieces were missing and some were broken and they did not always tell the whole story.

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