The Scarabs Say

It’s all about direction. Which way do you want to go? Where does this road end up? Are you going to go without thinking? Are you going to just follow your emotions? Get carried away? Go for it! Get what you want, right now! Don’t wait. Don’t be late. Is it fear or desire? Is it maybe hate? Let’s not debate. Perhaps it’s greed? Will I get what I want? Will I get what I need? Now, just slow down. Take the time to turn around. Take time to think about it. Take time to think it through. It might it even be important that what you say is true. What is better, black or white? Is it wrong or is it right? Where will it end? Who is your friend? Coming, going, up or down, can you tell me where I am? I’m pretty sure that I’m a clown and you are in a jam. What a bore and what a chore. So, let’s not do this, any more. It is too hard. It takes too long. Is it right or is it wrong? Don’t want to stay. I’ll go away and maybe write a song. This is really just too hard. I think I am too lazy. Everyone I know is too confused or else they just went crazy. What a state it seems we’re in. Everybody wants to win! So, step right up, don’t be afraid. Will there be a price which must be paid? Well sure, if there’s a profit made. What is the thing that I should do? Stick with the old, the tried and true, or take a risk, try something new? Can I get away with it? Too big, too small, or will it fit? Is there a right? Is there a wrong? Should I go on my own or tag along? Do I turn to the left? Do I turn to the right? Do I run away or stand and fight? Ask a scarab. They always know. They know which way they ought to go. “Follow the sun,” is what they say. They say that the light is the only way.

There are 13 Scarab Necklaces

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