Flash for Fun

Flash for Fun

Bash Poem –
Bop ’em, pop ’em,
Rock ’em, sock ’em, shock ’em.
If nothing wakes ’em up,
You gotta hit ’em with a stick.
But, please don’t aggravate ’em,
‘Cause I think he’s really sick.

Brash Poem –
This is the day I am going to rebel.
There are advances I’m going to repel.
You can put out your hand and stop me,
This I know very well.
I think you are going to try it,
But, I will say, go to hell.
This is my freedom,
I’ll riot and rage.
Today I am breaking out of my cage.
Out of my shell,
Out of my cell.
There are things I will do,
Which I’m not going to tell,
But, when it’s all over,
I’ll come ring your bell.

Cash Poem –
Pay me a nickel or, pay me a dime,
Pay me a dollar, I’ll tell you the time.
Pay me a ruble, a franc or a yen,
I’ll tell you, your wallet is looking quite thin.
If you pay me a hundred, a thousand or more,
Any time you’re around, you can knock on my door.

Clash Poem –
I told you before,
And, I’ll tell you again,
Purple just doesn’t go with yellow,
Why won’t you listen, you raggy-taggy fellow?
At you I’m always shouting and, once I tried to bellow.
You’re always on the other side,
Won’t say yes, or no, or hello.
I think it’s very rude of you,
To just go away and eat your Jell-o.

Crash Poem –
Broken windshield,
Scattered glass,
Molten steel and melted brass,
They sadly say,
There is no way,
To save the driver,
Lovely lass,
Oil and fire will burn her ass.
The world is unfair, disappointing and crass.
I’ll wait here by the pool, in the wet, cool grass.

Dash Poem –
Hurry, hurry, hurry,
I am really in a flurry.
I’ve invited you to dinner,
And, I have to make the curry.
Scurry, scurry, scurry,
Plates are dirty, glasses blurry,
The table cloth and chairs are furry.
Hurry, hurry, scurry, worry,
I am really in a flurry.
I’ve invited you to dinner,
And, still haven’t made the curry.

Flash Poem –
I will dress up in leather.
I will dress up in lace.
It all depends on the time of day,
The weather and the place.
Sometimes I will wear a mask,
Sometimes I will show my face.
I need to live my life, my love,
To live at my own pace.
I’m delighted be your pal or your gal,
Just let me have my space.

Gash Poem –
Kick it with an ice pick, hit it with a hoe,
Sit and smile a little while but, then you have to go.
I don’t think that I want to wait.
More likely I’ll retaliate.
You know I really, really hate,
Blood splatters on the snow.

Gnash Poem –
Well, grind my teeth and bless my soul!
I am not living on the dole!
I don’t have to dig myself out of a hole!
And, I’m not going to listen to rock-and-roll!

Hash Poem –
The night time was upon us,
And, I hung up my cloak,
In a room afire with perfume,
And, bitter, acrid smoke,
So much so that I really thought,
“This has to be a joke.”
Then, through the haze,
I heard the voice,
Of a gruff and, manly, hairy bloke.
Now, his lungs, had a wheeze,
Which drowned out the breeze,
He rocked fore and aft,
And, he coughed when he laughed,
The smoke made him choke,
And, I thought he might croak.

Then he huffed and he whuffed,
And, I gave him a poke,
His belly just puffed,
And, his brain, it just broke!
Which was not a surprise,
(He was drinking a coke).
But then, it was weird,
Then he just disappeared.
Nothing left but a pipe,
And, a small whiff of smoke.
He took the rest with him.
He thought it a joke.
But, the joke was on him,
The silly, old bloke.
For that was his end, my good folk.

Lash Poem –
Strip me, whip me,
Just like the best whipped cream.
If you were mine I’m pretty sure,
You’d always make me scream.
You’re very kind but, never mind,
It was just a dream.

Mash Poem –
You can mash the potatoes and, mash the peas,
But, do not mash my fingers, please.
If you do, I know, you will make me sneeze,
And, I’ll tumble-crumble-grumble down again,
Crying on my knees.

Nash Poem –
I once had a Nash myself,
It really was a friend.
It kept me on the straight and narrow,
Never let me bend.
Every time it got a headache,
Get Well cards I’d send.
Then, one day, the engine cracked,
And, this, I could not mend.
And so, I had to say farewell,
This really is the end.

Rash Poem –
Scratch and peck,
Oh, what the heck.
Well, let me check.
Is it under your clothes?
Yes, it goes from the tip of your nose
Down to the tip of your toes,
All the way up your back,
Up as far as your neck!
I’m afraid, little maid,
You can’t rest in the shade,
You are really a wreck.

Sash Poem –
Tie a ribbon ’round my waist.
Tie it in a bow.
Do not tie it up in haste,
Make a pretty show.
Who, do you think, is going to see it?
Well, you never know.

Slash Poem –
Bright red, blood red,
All across the clean, white bed.
I don’t know what she could have said!
Strangled, stabbed and left for dead,
Shot her full of white, hot lead.
You left her standing on her head.
You are my terror and my dread.

Smash Poem –
You can break the ukulele,
You can bust the telephone,
But, the best that you can do for me,
Is just leave me alone.
I don’t know what you are saying,
But, I do not like your tone.
If you don’t change the way you are,
I’m going you break your bone.

Stash Poem –
What have you got in your pocket?
What have you got in the box?
What have you hid, under the lid?
What is behind the locks?
What are you keeping under your thumb?
Why do you not want to come give me some?
Do you think that I really am, so very dumb?
Will you trade me some, for a bottle of rum?
How ’bout, I give you, all my bubble gum?

Trash Poem –
Don’t pick it up.
Don’t put it down.
Put it with the garbage, now.
Don’t take it into town.

Wash Poem –

Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Hold everything! This is not right. Wash does not rhyme with ash. It should but, it doesn’t. I am not here to explain the English language to you. This is just plain unfair, unjust, unkind. Haven’t I done enough already? This is a ridiculous pass time. I’m going to take my ball and go home. Oh, no, wait a minute, I think I’ve got it. Here you go.

Oh, my, golly, gosh
I had better clean the squash
‘Cause tonight we’re having dinner
With Hieronymus Bosch


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