Butterfly II

Butterfly II by Valeria Castellanos
Digital Photoart “Butterfly II” by Valeria Castellanos

Butterfly, blossom within a breath of wind

seeking, the same as I

through the spin of the world’s ways

and, angles of the sunbeam’s rise

through seasons and songs without words

and, abstractions of the pathways of perfumes

in which the future looms


Be my connection to resurrection

Be my connection to the heavens

Be my connection to the spirits of life

And, to the thousand seasons of tomorrow


Speak to me, butterfly

before the wind blends with the weeds

Gather me

before the bulging pods burst forth their seeds

Kiss me quick

before quicksilver spider webs grow long

before the last note of this fading song

before the lengthening shadows

of the late sky turn to gray

before you turn your head and fly away

Oh butterfly, oh butterfly

wildflower wise

speak to me

even if its only once

before I close my eyes


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