The Present

The Present by V. Castellanos
The only way to live is in the present. The present is, however, always an outgrowth of the past. We know this because it already happened. In theory we can reach the future. Actually, we cannot avoid reaching the future, although it will then be the present. Thus, what we have is only a dilemma of semantics. Meanwhile, the future will have grown out of the past to become the present. However, the point is, time is just like everything else which is alive; it eats, it incorporates what it has eaten, it changes according to what it has incorporated. Because tomorrow is an imaginary thing it must eat imaginary food. It therefore eats dreams and desires and expectations and even emotions which, although they are not imaginary, are still invisible. Out of these invisible and imaginary things the present changes into the invisible and imaginary future, which then becomes the visible, tangible present. At least that’s what I am thinking at present. Who knows what I will be thinking in the future?

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